Don’t Invite LAZY

Don’t invite LAZY into your waking day because LAZY is a thief of time who chases away opportunity and creativity.  Instead honor every minute of your time by running after potential success through the doors of achievement and invention. You may feel tired at the end of your day, maybe even feel defeated, but you will be further along in life because you ignored LAZY and instead made the best of all the minutes you had that will never pass your way ever again. Now that’s what I call a good day.

Diamonds Among Us

Sometimes the most significant, brilliant, gold is tested in fire, but often the diamond in the group is overshadowed by the obscured vision of the surrounding rocks.

Did you ever notice that the quiet person, the one who does all the work, seldom, if ever, gets noticed, thanked, recognized, or appreciated for a job well done? Why is that? I make an effort to say something nice, or a simple thank-you, to those that have done a good job for whatever service I am buying.